About Us


Storeys is a unique proposition in the lettings industry: a business focused entirely on lettings that puts people at the heart of the experience. We, like you, have had difficult experiences with lettings in the past and we know there’s a better way.

Industry experience has shown us the way – founding director Andrew Blythe spent 16+ years managing existing agency branches, and opening new ones, across central and east London. He has been right at the centre of the lettings industry and has seen, and experienced, the lettings world – online and in the high street - from the inside.

In many ways Storeys was born of frustration. Andrew struggled with the lack of innovation in the industry that meant many of the same issues were experienced over and over again. The growth in the online lettings market made the solution obvious: there are some things that the high street still does better and there are some things that an online letting agent wins at every time. So, what could be more sensible than to combine the best bits of both?

And that’s how Storeys came about – from a genuine desire to create something that offers a better experience to both landlords and tenants. We combine technology and people to provide a comprehensive service that feels good to use. So, for example, our people are experts – genuinely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what they do – and a big part of working with Storeys is the face-to-face contact you’ll get with us. We use technology to simplify processes and make them more efficient - with the aim of keeping costs down – and we believe that avoiding expensive office property just means that we can generate more value. We don’t need shiny branded cars or ergonomic furniture to deliver great results.

So, that’s it in a nutshell. Storeys is a new kind of lettings agency, offering a superior service at an affordable price by avoiding traditional agency features that don’t benefit the customer and relying on clever technology and people instead.

That’s our Storeys, now let’s start helping you to create yours.


We are currently recruiting for a variety of roles within Storeys. If you want to learn more about working at Storeys and register your interest in future positions, Please send us your contact details and your CV to andy@storeys.co


Residential lettings
We pride ourselves on being genuine industry experts, providing a positive experience, from enquiry to after care. Storeys focuses exclusively on lettings, and we value properties, we don’t just list them. Knowledge and innovation mean we can be competitive on costs while also delivering an individually tailored service.
Property management
Storeys is a bespoke offering based on the fundamental principle of value for money – we want happy customers. Paperless tech and eSigning deliver efficiency and convenience, no high street office minimises costs. The result is a streamlined service nimble enough to tailor what we do to suit your needs.
Aesthetics, natural light, building quality, and overall finish – these aren’t ‘extras’ in a Storeys valuation, they’re as much a part of the process as size, condition and location. We look at individual property potential, not generic criteria. Factors like space for modern living arrangements, such as flexible working, are incorporated too. Our valuations are all the more accurate and successful for it. There is a perfect tenant for every property if you know how to find them.
Short-term lettings
Providing value for tenants and continuity for landlords, Storeys short-term lets run from 4 weeks to 6 months. We work with major London relocation teams and a global contacts network to match international tenants to perfect London properties.
Vacant property Management
We can manage your vacant property in-between tenancies or refurbishment, giving you peace of mind that the property is being looked after and inspected on a regular basis.
Superior Marketing
There is just no comparison between static photos and VR when it comes to property marketing. VR allows tenants to do a virtual walk around and get a realistic feel for the property - their expectations are grounded in reality, and properly managed. This makes VR a very effective tool, not just for generating interest and viewings but also converting those to offers. That’s why we partner with VRPM to create a virtual reality perspective for every property we handle.
Airbnb Management
We can manage your Airbnb account and make sure each booking runs smoothly, keys are always available for handover and the property is ready for the next occupation. This can run very well alongside our short-term corporate letting service.
Rent Protection
If your tenant defaults on the rent, Storeys have you covered. We also cover your legal expsenses and pay you rental income if your property is vacant whilst we remarket for new tenants. Don’t worry Storeys have your back.*ask a member of the team for more info. This service is included for every Storeys managed property.